Delphyq Build 200619 Patch Notes

Greetings Operatives!

Delphyq Patch Notes Build 200619


Here are the latest patch notes for Build 200619, released today, June 25, 2020


New Features / Changes

  • Enemy aim times have been increased
  • Enemy aim times are doubled when shooting at targets beyond their effective weapon range
  • Players are now notified when they are out of Power when doing a Group Heal or Power Transfer ability
  • Changed labels of buttons in Overworld and Corkboard


  • Advanced HUD indicators should now appear again on holding Left Shift
  • Redmark Five intel should now be complete even if you leave the first tutorial
  • Player unit not responding after taking cover on one of the couches in Redmark Five’s lounge area
  • Intel placement and indicators should now be fixed
  • Enemy Units now cancel their aim time by moving into cover
  • Exposed more cover positions in Tutorial level
  • Save button in Controls tab should now properly light up if you have unsaved / changes

Known Issues

  • AI cover pop-in and pop-out behavior still needs balancing
  • Some SFX annoyances
  • Error appearing when Reinforcement Timer runs out


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– Agent Incognito