Greetings, Operatives!

We’ve got another set of great updates for you this week!

First off, just want to remind you all that we will be participating in the Steam Game Festival happening this June! We’re very excited to show you what we have in store for then! For previous blog updates, you can check out our April 22 and April 29 posts.

Let’s begin, Operative!

Planning Phase Features are now LIVE!

We’ve completed the Planning Phase updates we were showing a week ago, and are now implementing the new changes and integrations to our Tutorial. Buying objectives during the Planning Phase are also now up and running, allowing players to start properly executing their plans for the mission!

Still working on the final art for that however, so instead we’ll show you the User Interface Polishes that were put together, specifically, the sleek new look for the Results Screen upon completing a mission!

Here’s what it looks like now that we’ve added those details.

Delphyq Results Screen WIP

Results Screen WIP

Art Updates

A couple of big art updates this week as well. First, the Steppes Map Additional Updates.

The art team has been really busy working on Steppes the past couple of weeks, and as you can see in these next few screenshots, we now have a whole new area almost completely rendered including the addition of foliage around the area and a brand spanking new centerpiece in the form of a statue. What an impressive sight!

Delphyq Steppes Map Lobby Area WIP 1

Delphyq Steppes Map Lobby Area WIP 1

Delphyq Steppes Map Lobby Area WIP 2

Delphyq Steppes Map Lobby Area WIP 2

Second art updates for the week are the tweaks with the enemy unit animations. The art team has started unit testing and are now finalizing how the enemies will look like moving around in the world.

Continued Bug Fixes

The QA team is fast working on all the critical bugs being added to the list. A new bug has just surfaced and has given our engineering team a little bit of a headache… for some reason, the Operatives have decided to play nice and polite like, moving one by one through this narrow walkway, leaving the units moving into the danger area alone and without backup… Like lemmings to the slaughter.

Delphyq Operatives Walking in Place

Delphyq Operatives Walking in Place


We’ve another big preview coming up, but we’ll be saving that for a later update.

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