Delphyq Blog Game Development Updates 14 May 2020

Delphyq Development Updates – 13 May 2020

Greetings, Operatives!

We’re fast approaching the deadline for submission to the Steam Game Festival, so we are doing a lot of polishing, making sure the game runs smoother when we release the new demo. While updates are moving quite fast for us, we’re also going to start toning down on the amount of new updates we share each week, as we get busy preparing our marketing for when the Festival starts.

But for now, I’ll just share some biggest update from the team: The New Tutorial Videos.

New Tutorial Videos

We’ve started to compile the tutorial videos for new and returning players, and made sure they’re ready for integration into the demo. Some are still the same as the first demo release, while others are more intricate and really help the user get into the game.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the new videos we’ve started to put together.

How to Target an Enemy – While the Operators are intelligent enough to automatically start shooting at vulnerable enemies, sometimes you need to make sure that your team takes down the right one first. Not knowing which of your enemies to bring down sooner might spell the difference between winning and losing an engagement, which ultimately, might mean the whole mission. For example, taking down the enemy support first rather than focusing on the assault class will mean the enemy won’t be able to keep their troops up for long.

Enemy Calling Reinforcements – This is something players have to be wary of: when more enemy units have spotted your Operators, they will automatically start calling in reinforcements. Be wary of this as the longer you take taking down key enemies, the faster you can get overwhelmed.

Hacking – Pretty straightforward, this video just teaches you how to hack a terminal. Here’s an interesting note: if you use the TECH Operative codenamed Wildfire, her hacking time is faster.

Moving as a Unit – This is essential for success in this game, learning to move as a unit. Many players fall into the trap of letting one or two of their Operators get ahead of the rest of the team, and then end up getting into a bad situation. Learn how to move your Operators as a group and make sure the corners and flanks are covered, so that if the enemy does discover and surprise you, you’ll still come out on top.

More tutorial videos will be added as we move closer to the Steam Game Festival.

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