Delphyq Blog Game Development Updates 21 May 2020

Delphyq Development Updates – 20 May 2020

For this week’s Game Development Update, we’re at the home stretch for the Steam Game Festival. That means, we’ve already completed quite a few features for the updated demo that will be released and playable in June.

This week, we’re highlighting a couple of things that the team has been continually working on. Check them out below!

Mission Planning Phase

We’ve been making a lot of progress with the Mission Planning Phase and it’s getting quite exciting! The Mission Planning Phase is coming together and looks like there will be a lot of new features ready in time for the new demo.

Here’s a quick sneak peek:

You may have to slow it down a bit to catch some of the details though. Hehe

Greenhouse Area of Steppes

The artists are hard at work putting the new map areas together. The Greenhouse area of the Steppes has been their next focus, and it has been coming along together nicely. It’s actually starting to all come together and whenever we take a bird’s eye view of the whole map, we’re seeing it really mesh well.

Here’s the concept art for the Greenhouse Area

Delphyq Steppes Map Greenhouse Concept Art

Delphyq Steppes Map Greenhouse Concept Art

And here’s some of the work in progress of the Greenhouse Area.

Delphyq Steppes Map Greenhouse WIP 2

Delphyq Steppes Map Greenhouse WIP 2

Delphyq Steppes Map Greenhouse WIP 1

Delphyq Steppes Map Greenhouse WIP 1


That’s all of the updates we have for this week. If you want to read about the previous updates, you can check out our April 22, April 29, May 4 and May 13 Development Blog Updates here.

Once again, stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, stay safe Operators! Until next time!

– Agent Incognito