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Featured Operative: Youngblood (CQS)

Dio Severin–callsign Youngblood–is the hotshot, loud, and obnoxious member of the team. Despite having a tragic past (he and his sister Fio were orphaned during the last days of the Three-Year Massacre), he’s the guy that loves to throw one liners in the middle of combat, combat which he recklessly loves to dive headfirst in.

Delphyq FEATURED OPERATIVE - Youngblood

Delphyq FEATURED OPERATIVE: Youngblood

But he isn’t without his merits–served under Sarge’s command, he’s a good soldier who follows commands with that never say never attitude. Combined with his gusto for battle, comedic timing and his love for his younger sister, Fio, he is endearingly annoying to the rest of the squad.

Youngblood is visually inspired by alpha male, rugged-looking, cybernetic-enhanced characters.

Delphyq FEATURED OPERATIVE - Youngblood

Delphyq FEATURED OPERATIVE – Youngblood

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