Good News!

“DELPHYQ” is now available on Steam!

After years and months of developing the game and adding more awesome features, we have finally completed the First Phase.

Get the privilege to be among the first to download and test the game. Below is the link that will redirect you to “DELPHYQ” on Steam:

Here’s a sneak peak on DELPHYQ’S pre launch Trailer.

As promised months back 2019, new amazing demo features are added to the gameplay

Key features such as :

  • Command Queue system for sequencing actions to execute your tactical plan.
  • New Unit Abilities for holographic shields, stun grenades, speed buffs, invisibility, and more!
  • A New Tutorial system that provides previews and videos to hone your skills.
  • A more tactical AI with more mobility, making use of nearby cover, flanking opponents, investigation, and target prioritization.
  • Better balancing of unit stats, damage, and energy usage.

We are continuously developing more new features and improvements in the game.

If you have any comments, reports or suggestions feel free to join our discussion board.

Please see link below:

I know you guys  are excited as much as we are on the release of the full game and we can’t wait to share with you more exciting updates, plans and development for DELPHYQ.

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