Delphyq Operator Wildfire Visual Reference

Delphyq Operator Wildfire Visual Reference

Delphyq Operator Wildfire WIP

Delphyq Operator Wildfire WIP

Emilia “Rumi” Rumidian–callsign WILDFIRE–is an Outcast. She is a talented neuro-net specialist, and the Operative’s primary hacker. During operations, she takes point when it comes to network-specific aspects, cracking and bypassing Balance encryption that would otherwise prevent the group from completing their objectives.

Rumi is a student of history and has studied the events that had transpired and led to the Endless War, pored over the creation of the Balance, and finally understood what happened leading up to the Three-Year Massacre.

She believes that, by understanding and unraveling details long past, society will eventually be able to learn from its mistakes and ultimately engineer a future of their own design.

Join Rumi and the other Operatives in Delphyq now available on Steam.

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