Press Kit



Beyond Red Wave Arts, LLC

Release Date:

Q3 2020


Steam (PC)



Delphyq is a real-time/pause strategy and tactics game. It is the only strategy game that provides players with a more realistic tactical combat experience, requiring you to analyze the current situation, evaluate the available resources, choose the missions, plan the attack and execute the plan.

In a world ruled by an oppressive corporate armistice known as The Balance, the player gets the chance to be the Mastermind in command of an elite, handpicked group of individuals called The Operatives.


Real combat does not happen in turns that’s why we provided these key features for a more realistic combat experience:

  • A Real-Time/Pause mechanic that allows the player to act & react to any given situation at any given time
  • Dynamic Cover System that benefits the player who approaches the game with sound tactics being used in real-life situations. Minimal exposure behind cover means less chance of getting hit and less damage. Get caught outside of cover and you’ll feel the consequences of your mistake.
  • A Planning Stage where the player can create and elaborate scheme how to approach the mission and prioritize objectives.
  • Unique Class Abilities that allow your operatives to have their respective specializations within the team.

Highlight Of The Game

Delphyq allows the player to take full control of the Operatives controlling everything from waypoint node placement, advancing cover to cover, look direction, GoCodes and targeting. Delphyq’s Realistic Combat Simulation is delivered by an extremely intelligent utility-based AI designed to present the player with an intense challenge during engagements. The AI is represented by enemy units (automatons) capable of choosing and utilizing the most advantageous piece of cover depending on Operative locations and effective weapon range.


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