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Dusk Wave Arts LLC

Release Date:

Q4 2021


Steam (PC)



DELPHYQ is a Real-time Strategy & Tactics game that puts you in the seat of a Mastermind, requiring you to analyze the current situation, evaluate the available resources, choose the missions, plan the attack and execute the plan.

Take control of an elite combat squadron known as the Operatives and bring an end to the tyrannical corporate armistice known as the Balance.


REAL TACTICS IN REAL TIME: The Waypoint System allows players to perform real life military maneuvers like Slice the Pie, Flanking, and more.

TAKE COVER: The Dynamic Cover System guarantees available cover wherever units may be.

BE THE MASTERMIND: The Planning Interface allows you to plan your approach, plot out your team’s path, and utilize intel brokers to provide you with a better perspective of your target mission.

WE DON’T PLAY WITH DICE: Everything in Delphyq happens purely based on strategy, not a random number generator.

NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS: Follow the story of the Operatives as they commit to taking down a corrupt corporate armistice known as the Balance.

Highlight Of The Game

DELPHYQ is a real time tactics game, one that puts you in the role of a mastermind in command of an elite group of combatants known as the Operatives. Every move, every decision, every action and reaction you make will influence and decide the outcome of each encounter you will face along the way. The game’s engaging Overworld and Mission Planning system which allows you to control a myriad of elements prior to executing a mission. By trading precious credits for information via the Intel System, you can have a better overview of missions prior to launch.

One thing that separates DELPHYQ from the rest of the strategy and tactics crowd is the way it simulates real combat. DELPHYQ is not a turn-based game; despite it having a pause mechanic, combat is still handled in real-time. The game’s waypoints, look direction and dynamic cover systems open doors for intense, strategic and memorable encounters. Advanced functions such as GoCodes and Operative skills provide access to deeper tactical maneuvers to deal with the game’s extremely intelligent utility-based AI enemies. 

 Each AI unit functions in conjunction with its environment; depending on the situation, it will also try to coordinate with other AI in the field, and will attempt to flank the Operatives and/or engage them through the use of cover.

 The game’s Permadeath feature reinforces mastery, putting more weight in every decision made throughout the course of the game. Mastery of the game’s systems is an essential element in fulfilling the mastermind role.


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