Greetings operatives!

We’ve got some very interesting Delphyq updates for you today! 

First of all, now that we have a full-fledged Marketing person on board, we’ll be providing more regular, weekly updates on our progress as we near Early Access launch. In line with that we’re currently aiming for Early Access by Q3 of 2020 and are working very hard to make sure we hit that Early Access launch date!

Planning Phase Updates

The first key update for the week are the several new updates we have implemented to the Planning Phase–or what we like to internally refer to as: ‘the corkboard’–a core feature of Delphyq. These updates should allow players to plan their insertion to the T, ensuring a much higher rate of success for players. 

Here’s a quick look at the Planning Phase update.

Delphyq Screenshot Mission selection screen

Mission selection screen


Delphyq Screenshot Mission overview

Mission overview: Planning the route your operatives will take

Delphyq Screenshot Zoomed in view of Mission Overview

Zoomed in view: Going over the details

Trivia: Did you know that this feature was actually inspired by the original version of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, which had a planning stage before the actual insertion of the operatives. Cool!

New Mission / Map WIP

The new Labs mission and map is already coming along really nicely–and it’s showing how complicated the new map will be in terms of tactics and planning (for example, there will be more elevated areas and a more articulate use of cover during combat). 

Check out the screenshots of the new map 

Delphyq Screenshot New Lab Map WIP

Delphyq boasts of non-traditional / circular map layouts, different from your usual strategy games that are normally square / rigid

Delphyq Screenshot New Lab Map WIP

The elevated platform featured here will be a key movement piece for the team in this map–take the high ground for the utmost advantage

Delphyq Screenshot New Lab Map WIP

Looking at the map from this angle looks weird, but it shows you how big the level really is–and how much more work still needs to be put into this mission!

Map Lighting and Polish

The team has been quite particular about making sure the lights in the latest level of Delphyq aren’t overexposed, going so far as having several lighting tests in one session just to get the right mix. Being that Delphyq is a strategy game that requires players to think on the fly–even if they’ve already planned ahead (see Planning Phase above)–and players will need as much information as they can get in order to succeed in their mission. 

Having a poorly lit area might mean the difference between life and death of an operative… not to mention, players won’t be able to see the excellent details our artists put into the design of the levels!

Here’s a before and after look at some of the lighting and texture changes we’ve been implementing.

Delphyq Screenshot Skyline Lighting and Texture Comparison

Skyline Lighting and Texture Comparison

Enemy Characters Art WIP

Our artists are continually working hard at updating the art for all the elements in the game, and at this time, they are updating and improving the final polish of the enemy AI and Robots–enemies that are out to get our operatives. 

Here, our artist is not only ensuring they look great for final render, she’s making sure they look badass!

Delphyq Enemy Unit Base 3D model

Enemy Unit Base 3D model

Delphyq Enemy Unit TechHead Texture

“TechHead” – One of the default enemies

Delphyq Enemy Unit Sniper Head Texture

“Sniper” — It looks like he has one big eye (all the better to see you with, my dead)

Delphyq Enemy Unit Heavy Trooper Head Texture

“Heavy Trooper” – looks like a Mech! “Today… we are cancelling… THE APOCALYPSE!”

Prologue Animation

Last but not least, the opening animation or Intro Animation for Delphyq is near completion! The artist is laying in the finishing touches already, adding effects and explosions. This is going to be EPIC! Can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Right now, this sneak peek will have to suffice… 😉

Delphyq Prologue Teaser

Prologue Teaser

That’s it for our updates this week! Looking forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming weeks!

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Thank you, operatives! See you again soon!

– Agent Incognito