Early Access Delayed

To our beloved commanders,

I would like to start this off by saying that if you are reading this now and were anticipating the release of Delphyq on early access, thank you. You are the reason why I wrote this letter today.

To preface the situation, Delphyq has become somewhat of a massive undertaking in terms of goals. What started as a small dream has now grown into a commitment to deliver, not just a standard experience, but more. I have evaluated every facet of the project up till the final hour, and have deemed that in order to meet the standards that the strategy community requires, we must face the reality of this delay. 

Let me make one thing clear, friends: this is not a setback, it is a calibration of quality. I require the complete experience I’ve envisioned for this project, and to meet that standard, the team requires a few more months to get the project up to the demands I’ve set upon ourselves.

The goal is not simply to deliver, but to deliver with quality. It’s no secret that Delphyq’s being developed by a very small team of indie developers. We have a lot to prove to the world, Delphyq being our first offering to the industry, thus we must accept delays like these with heavy hearts.

Don’t worry, commander. Mark my words: the mission will launch first quarter next year. We ask that you stay with us and help spread word about the game. With your help, we can bring Delphyq to the groundbreaking standard we’re striving for.


Till the next intel, commander.

Raymond, Delphyq Project Director