Delphyq Build 201002 Patch Notes

Greetings, Commander!

Here are the latest patch notes for Alpha Build 201002, released today, October 12, 2020 (For previous patch notes, please visit this link).


  • Redmark Five, the tutorial level, has been updated for optimal player experience.
  • We’ve finally added a Restart button to allow for restarting missions from your Insertion Point. Say goodbye to reloading the entire game to retry a level.
  • We’ve revised those player and enemy unit’s health bars to center the class icon on top of the unit.
  • Improved enemy units hitbox, making them easier to hit.
  • Reduced vertical spread of gunfire, allowing for less bullets missing their targets.
  • Player Units now automatically switch to Assault mode when the Reinforcement timer starts. No need to stealth through a mission with alarms sounding off. Get your team out of there!
  • We’ve reworked the behavior and UI of Health and Power Stations.
  • Player Units now become invulnerable for a short period of time after being revived.
  • Added instructions for cancelling toggled skill.
  • Added a tooltip to mention how to double right-click to Sprint! Should save tons of time for navigation.
  • Added a Crouch and Cover Tutorial
  • Updated Targeting and Cover tutorial
  • Updated some tutorial descriptions


  • We have a new level for everyone to try out! CODE BLUE is Centra Corporation’s medical and research facility responsible for producing enemy automatons.
  • Skyline has some added pocket rooms to help players plan flanking routes around enemies.
  • Added additional tooltips for the Mission Planning Phase.
  • A 3rd Ability slot can now be unlocked after 3rd mission
  • Intel distribution for missions have been reworked.
  • Intel Filter states in Mission Planning Phases are now saved. You can now re-enter the Planning Phase without having to redo your filters!


  • Fixed an issue where enemies can control hacked doors.
  • Subtitles for the available cutscenes are now updated.
  • Doors are no longer visible when they’ve been opened.
  • Redmark Five, the tutorial level, now has complete and appropriate Fog of War.
  • Uncollected Objectives now properly show their icons on the Mission map when when in the line of sight of a player unit.
  • Color of invalid waypoint path now changes to Red.
  • Fixed an issue where the Assassin can sprint while Invisible. This wasn’t intended in design.
  • Fixed some bugs where units were receiving the wrong damage values.
  • Fixed player units accuracy on moving enemy targets.
  • Fixed some line-of-sight issues on Redmark Five Helipad Area.
  • Fixed an issue where gaining an Objective Intel reveals all the Objective Intel in the Mission map. (Steam Key Access only)


  • Difficult to get into cover in some objects/areas.
  • Gunshot SFX are not affected by volume settings.
  • A minor issue where player units are slightly inaccurate on reaching their target destination waypoint.
  • Drastic inaccuracy of CQS at point-blank range.
  • Sniper’s shooting animation causes it to start floating.
  • Skyline still has some seldom issues on AI pathfinding. (Steam Key Access only)


Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

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