Delphyq Build 200626 Patch Notes

Greetings Operatives!

Here are the latest patch notes for Build 200626, updated today, July 2, 2020

DELPHYQ BUILD 200626 PATCH NOTESNew Features / Changes

  • New Enemy Units model
  • Available in-game money decreased to 763
  • Doors in missions now take longer to hack, which was intended to highlight a mission intel: the Security Terminal, which unlocks all doors in a mission, making all units open doors faster. Without the Security Terminal, only the Tech unit has the benefit of opening doors quickly.


  • No bugfixes for this weekly build

Known Issues

  • Some SFX annoyances
  • Error appearing when Reinforcement Timer runs out
  • A certain wall in Redmark Five is not blocking enemy fire
  • Intel gathered from a mission is not carried out to the other missions
  • There’s an invisible wall blocking a path in Redmark Five
  • Enemy can open and close ‘hacked’ doors


That’s it for this patch update. Once again, please wishlist our game on Steam and join our Discord server for more updates!

– Agent Incognito