Delphyq Devlog #009 – Countdown to Early Access

Greetings, Operatives!

Agent Incognito here back with another Delphyq Devlog. Our countdown to Early Access has begun. With only a few months left in the quarter, we are quickly gearing up to ready Delphyq for Early Access launch. There’s still quite a lot of ground to cover, but we’re confident that we can make a build ready in time for our projected launch.

Recently, our team has been working overtime polishing the levels and fine tuning combat bugs. As shared in a previous Devlog (specifically, our update last June 11), the Game Development and QA teams were working to squash bug after bug, and ensure a smooth, playable Early Access build.

Just to recap some of what the team fixed back then:

Wrong Enemy Icon Placement

Here’s an interesting bug that was caught by the QA team–before you start a mission, you are given information on the Mission Planning screen, including the number and placement of all the enemy units. This allows you to prepare for what will happen when you are about to enter an area. For example, knowing that there’s an enemy sniper will mean that you will be careful walking out in the open or staying out of cover.

Delphyq Enemy Icon Error Reveal Bug

Delphyq Enemy Icon Error Reveal Bug

In this bug, what happened was the Operatives already saw the units in the room, but the icons didn’t reflect the discovery, and ended up sending incorrect information to the player. In a high intensity situation, this could break your strategy and cause you to misplay a room.

Enemy Icons Larger Than Other Icons

Here’s a silly bug we encountered in the Mission Planning screen as well–the Enemy Icons showed up much larger than intended, covering almost the entire room.

Delphyq Large Enemy Icon Bug

Delphyq Large Enemy Icon Bug

They obviously shouldn’t be that big.

The art team has also been polishing art and levels in time for Early Access launch. One of the recent fixes involves fixes of the lighting for Code Blue.

Here’s the artist’s rendering and quick explanation of what they fixed:

Delphyq Code Blue Lighting Update June 2020

Delphyq Code Blue Lighting Update June 2020

overlapping lightmap UV fixes in maya for exterior wall and props . rebake mcs meshes and had to re set-up wall colliders

Also, the art team polished the textures of the Skyline map, making sure it would be easier for players to tell where the floor ends and the enemy unit begins.

Delphyq Skyline Lighting WIP June 2020

Delphyq Skyline Lighting WIP June 2020

posted this screenshot I created last Monday, of the Skyline level with the option/variant of painted metal and pure metal walls and floors for the build.

Last but not least, we’ve already started updating our Patch Notes for the current Early, Early Access Build of the game.

You can read through them here. Quick recap:

New feature:
Increased enemy aim times, even doubled when shooting at targets beyond their EWR (effective weapon range).

Some QoF (Quality of Life) Changes:
– Players are now notified when they are out of Power when doing a Group Heal or Power Transfer ability
– Changed labels of buttons in Overworld and Corkboard


More updates in the coming weeks. If you want to check out our previous updates, simply look at our archive of previous Devlogs by going to our Blogs page.

For those that haven’t yet, please wishlist our game on Steam and join our Discord server for more updates!

See you next week, Operatives!

– Agent Incognito