Delphyq Operator Gatecrash Visual Reference

Operator Highlight: Gatecrash – Visual Reference and Work in Progress

Privet, Operatives!

Need to crash the party? Don’t worry, Dareena “Reen” Skova is here.

Reen Skova, callsign “Gatecrash“, is a former VPC Tier-Two Entech engineer. Unfortunately, after being being wrongfully accused by Rassler Laurent, she was exiled to the Wastes. She joined the Operatives soon after and today, has volunteered as their Heavy Arms frontliner.

Delphyq Operator Gatecrash WIP

Delphyq Operator Gatecrash WIP

Her powerful frame and loud, booming voice make her a formidable presence on the battlefield, and her experience with working in highly volatile Omnix mining environments allows her to brave the dangers of the frontline.

Though loyal to those she considers comrades, it takes a lot to win Reen’s trust. She’s still haunted by Rassler’s treachery and waits for the day when she can finally redeem her honor.

Gatecrash is visually inspired by characters such as Brigitte from the Blizzard game Overwatch and Vasquez from the movie Aliens.

Delphyq Operator Gatecrash Visual Reference

Delphyq Operator Gatecrash Visual Reference

Read about our other operative, Wildfire, here. More stories of our operatives coming soon.

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Das Vadanya!

-Agent Incognito

Image Credits:

  • #JenetteGoldstein @JenetteBras as Private Vasquez, Aliens, 20th Century Fox (@20thcentury)
  • Workout Brigitte Fanart by @umigraphics
  • Brigitte copyright Blizzard’s Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch)